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What Is Soft Wash?

 Soft washing is a cleaning method that uses a low-pressure washing technique, along with a mixture of our proprietary algicidal solution, surfactants, and water, to safely clean exterior surfaces of organic stains, moss, lichen, mildew, and algae.

 Why Choose Soft Wash over Pressure washing?

 I will use Roofs as an example to the major benefits soft wash has to offer. Soft Washing uses very low-pressure water (approximately 100psi) and will not damage your roofs asphalt shingles, tile, rubber membrane etc. This technique is used to spray down the roof and allow our algicidal cleaning solution to do all the work. Most importantly soft wash will not void the warranty on your roof unlike if you were to have it pressure washed. Pressure washing a roof can be extremely damaging. They are using very high-pressure water (3000-4200psi) that will strip asphalt shingles, cutting their life span in half and void the warranty. Soft wash is the only cleaning technique that roof manufacturers allow that does not void your roofs warranty.

 So why Choose Green N Clean to complete this task?

 We take our job very seriously and it is our mission to offer the best exterior cleaning service there is from start to finish. We are extremely educated in this industry and continuously attend training to expand our knowledge even further. We have called and spoke to several of the top leading roof brands and asked them questions on how to clean their roofing materials safely and effectively. We did this to make sure not only would we be delivering a beautiful finished product but that your investment is also protected. We take a tremendous amount of pride in the services we offer and believe our company is the best suited for all your soft wash needs!